How to Pick Sophisticated Colors to Create Better Designs

Colors create vibes and convey tones of voice. Often times, rookies designers pick those that are too saturated while the more experienced are able to select the more muted ones to create a vintage and sophisticated look and feel. This is not to say that we should always use muted colors. One exception, for example, is kids products. That said, choosing sophisticated colors is one of those skills that I believe if you master, it’ll catapult your design to the next level.

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Challenge Limiting Beliefs: How I Created 100 Illustrations

I recently posted my 100th illustration on Instagram. 100 — a number I never thought would be possible. It took me two years to reach this milestone. Through this journey, my illustration skill improved quite a bit, and I created many pieces I liked, but more importantly, I learned to challenge my limiting beliefs, and practiced self-compassion.

I posted 100 illustrations on my Instagram account.
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Why Certain Graphic Design Techniques Won’t Work in UI Design

A large part of UI design is graphic design. Many of the techniques in graphic design, such as the use of a grid, the CRAP principles (contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity), and color theory etc, are transferrable and can be applied to UI design as well. However, there are certain techniques that don’t work quite as well. I didn’t realize this until recently. Those techniques fell flat when I tried to use them to design the UI of a feature. I reflected on why it backfired and here are the two reasons.

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