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What I still Remember from the Books I Read in 2020

Time flies. A whole year has almost passed. In this blog post, I just wanted to go through some of the books I’ve read this year and reflect on what I’ve learned. Hopefully, this would also inspire you to think about the books you’ve read and those you may want to read in the new year.

Disclaimer: these are just my own interpretations of the books. Plus, my memory isn’t perfect. There could be errors or misinterpretations of the original content. I strongly suggest doing your own research for more details if you’re interested in diving deeper into a particular book.

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Hong Kong through My Designer Eyes

These pictures were taken by me 10 years ago. They are the stunning views of Hong Kong, a city I feel very attached to. I grew up heavily influenced by its culture, and later I was lucky enough to live there for 15 years. What I love about the city is not just the amazing cityscape, but also the many great designs through my designer eyes.

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