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Let Ideas Collide with Reality: Learnings from Reading That Will Never Work

That Will Never Work may not be a book for designers at first glance. As I delved deeper into the journey that Marc Randolph went through to found Netflix, I realized that the book is actually full of amazing real-life examples of product thinking and idea testing. It’s a great read for not just aspiring entrepreneurs, but also product designers and managers.
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How to Pick Sophisticated Colors to Create Better Designs

Colors create vibes and convey tones of voice. Often times, rookies designers pick those that are too saturated while the more experienced are able to select the more muted ones to create a vintage and sophisticated look and feel. This is not to say that we should always use muted colors. One exception, for example, is kids products. That said, choosing sophisticated colors is one of those skills that I believe if you master, it’ll catapult your design to the next level.

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How Do You Know You’re Working with a Product Manager That Understands Design?

Product designers work inside a team rather than in isolation. Though a good designer could work on anything from product strategy, UX research, interaction design, visual design to prototyping, how much influence he can have in shaping the product is subject to the team that he is in and the lead of the team, which is usually the PM — that is — the product manager.

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Should You Break into UX with a Master’s Degree?

If the major of your bachelor’s degree isn’t any UX related field such as graphic design or human-computer interaction (HCI), one possible pathway to break into UX is to study HCI in grad school. A good master’s degree in HCI gives you a solid foundation in UX design, some practical experience of working as a UXer for a real client, and a pretty good credential for landing a product design job. That said, grad schools are not a prerequisite for being a UXer. They tend to be expensive and not that easy to get into. Having been a graduate student in HCI, I wanted to give you a glimpse of my experience and help you make an informed decision.

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