Sketch Plugin: Paste Paddings

This sketch plugin copies the paddings of one element to another. It can speed up your workflow when you’ve changed the spacing of one element that’s shared across different artboards and would like the new spacing to be applied to the same element in other artboards.


  • Download the whole repository as a zip file using the upper right green button from this Github repository.
  • Unzip.
  • Double-click on paste-padding.sketchplugin.


  • Select an element.
  • Hit ctrl + shift + c to copy its paddings.
  • Select another element, typically in another artboard.
  • Hit ctrl + shift + v to paste the new paddings.


Copy and paste horizontal paddings
Copy and paste vertical paddings 1
Copy and paste vertical paddings 2


Any thoughts about the plugin? Send them to [email protected].

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