Logos for Art Galleries

Jul 20, 2013

Recently, as a course project, I was asked to create logos for my own imaginary art gallery and below are the five ideas of logos that I have come up with.

Since I imagine the art work showcased in my own gallery would be mostly photographs, the shape of the first logo is based on the lens and the aperture of a camera. I used ocean blue and green to give the logo a fresh look. As far as the typeface is concerned, I used Lato Bold Italic to give the logo a modern and elegant feel.

Figure 1: vertical version of the first logo

The idea behind the second logo is inspired by the AF (Auto Focus) system in digital cameras. The positions of 11 squares in the logo is similar to the 11-point AF system, making the logo look digital and modern. The center square is different from the other squares. It looks like an opened door or an eye, representing the place where you can look at and enjoy art works.

Figure 2: vertical version of the second logo

The third logo is also based on the viewfinder of cameras. The four arrows around the center square resemble the four corner within the viewfinder. I picked Graduate as the typeface for this logo.

Figure 3: the third logo

The fourth logo is based on inner view of an art gallery where you can see pictures hanging on the walls. The pictures in this logo are actually the name of the gallery. I also used Graduate as the typeface in this logo.

Figure 4: the fourth logo

I also imagine all the art works in the gallery will arrange themselves in an array and stay in the air like a piece of cloth to let the audience to browse them, and the fifth logo is based on this idea.

Figure 5: the fifth logo

Below the horizontal versions for the first and the second logo.

Figure 6: horizontal version of the first logo

Figure 7: horizontal version of the second logo

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