Designing an Educational Poster

Apr 27, 2016

In this assignment, we were asked to create a poster on urban agriculture.

We first collected and explored different posters that we thought were successful. We looked at how those posters built interest, conveyed messages visually and delivered surprises to the audience. We also looked at how the use of visual hierarchy enabled the posters to be viewed at various distances. Then we were asked to develop the concepts iteratively.


I began brainstorming and explored the following possibilities using hand-drawn sketches, including a typographic approach, mixing type and symbols and creating an illustration combining the city, produce and people.


I digitized some of the hand-drawn sketches and created some additional new ones.


After the initial exploration and in-class design critiques, considering the educational purpose of this poster, I thought that it would be a good idea to for the poster to feature a character. It would be a lively and intimate way to convey the educational message of urban agriculture, because we are naturally drawn to characters and their stories.

Final Design

The final poster design features a character who is passionate about farming. He works in the city, but thanks to urban agriculture, he is able to farm in the city as well. The principle of progressive disclosure is applied to allow the poster to be viewed at various distances.

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