Jul 20, 2012

The following piece of artwork is the one which took me the longest (from July 3 to July 21) to complete so far. It is the vector version of the Sony NEX-7 digital camera with the 18-55mm kit lens, which is something I definitely would like to own some day.

NEX 7 Illustration

The whole piece of work is basically based on gradient meshes. It was relatively easy to create the body, where there are not many details. However, creating the lens was very difficult, since it has a lot of complicated and minute textures. In fact, at the beginning, I had no idea on how to jump-start the process. In the end, I decided to combine basic shapes and gradient meshes and tried to take advantage of the artistic licence to simply the process.

Something worth noting here:

  1. I used the blend function to create various parts of the lens here so that it appears to have some contour look on the surface.
  2. Although both the body and the lens were created using gradient meshes, the sharpness of both objects is a bit different. This is because it was difficult to control the rate of transition between different colors around the edge in two different objects. It is important to notice this kind of subtle differences so that next time we can more effectively maintain the consistency of sharpness across the whole image.
  3. The text on the lens and body are created using the text tool and then applying the warp function. This is similar to the creation of films as far as placing and adjusting anchor points are concerned.
  4. There is texture on the left part of the camera body in the original image. However, I could not find appropriate texture inside illustrator to apply to the body.

And below is the original image:

NEX 7 Reference
(This is a picture from the internet.)

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