Jun 15, 2012

Inspired by an online tutorial, I created this fan using illustrator. I was glad that I completed this artwork all by myself step by step.

Fan Illustration

There were two things I learned during the implementation of this artwork.

  1. The creation of the base part was probably the hardest. In order to give a natural look to the base, I needed to fill shapes with gradient. However, the gradient tool was not good enough because it couldn't create gradient that was not linear or radial. In this case, the only option left for me was to use gradient mesh. However, gradient mesh was not a tool that was convenient to use. I am glad that I managed to pull this off.
  2. The fan was basically created using the rotation tool and the shortcut ctrl+d. Looking back, I should have used the transformation function of the dynamic effect so that I could make the implementation faster and more elegant.
  3. Below is the original picture I obtained from the internet.

    Fan Reference(This is a picture from the internet.)

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