Vector Icons – Bundle One for 2020

72 icons I created for the first half of 2020. Available in Sketch format for $5 at πŸ˜€

Icons include: wardrobe, tent, tea, microwave, mic, mask, laptop, lamp, iot door, glasses, christmas hat, a/c, hanger, manila folder, name tag, pot plant, scissors, skateboard, slipper, sofa, stool, toilet paper dispenser, water boiler, watermelon, bed, books, desk with drawers, hanging lamp, fork, paper cup, kiwi, bike, pan, disinfectant, brush, pot, e-scale, wok shovel, weight scale, knife, hair drier, guitar, fire extinguisher, tap, switch, piano with seat, oil plastic container, boxer, subway gates 1, subway gates 2, train, tap, social distancing, mini truck, interchange, hold the handrail, alight from train, car, spray, scooter, soap dispenser, scooter, game console, toast, elevator, elevator panel, dumbbell, beer bottle, glass of wine, weights, training rope, monitor with base.

Author: Simon Li

Designer, coder and animator.

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